Bone Heru Comb

Bone Heru Comb

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These beautiful detailed heru are a traditional comb worn to hold your hair bun in place. They come in 4 original and exclusive designs by us. Made from solid beef bone which make a great alternative gift to a necklace or bracelet. 

In order from left to right  

1 - KOROPEPE: Represents new life, new beginnings, growth youth, prosperity and abundance.

2 - PEKAPEKA: Represents balance, strength, courage and determination.

3 - RUA MANAIA: Represents guardianship and protection from the female and male side of the wearers whakapapa. Also a link between this world and the next.

4 - WHEKU/RUA MANAIA: Represents the tupuna of the wearer. Each side of the face is a manaia which represents guidance and protection and a link to Tupuna that have passed.


 Measurements: 17cm long