Kauri gum Pendants
Kauri gum Pendants
Kauri gum Pendants

Kauri gum Pendants

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These two beautiful Freeform polished pendants are Rich in colour and beauty. Kauri Gum is said to impart a very peaceful yet powerful energy. It helps one to stand in their own power.


Kauri Gum care instructions:

What you have here is the fossilized resin of the Kauri Tree, a rare piece of history from Kauri Trees long gone.

It’s an amber not a stone so:

  • Keep it free from solvents eg. perfume
  • No extreme heat eg. dash of the car in summer
  • Not intended for everyday use eg. sports
  • Can be rejuvenated using olive oil in case of fading

A soft cloth can be used as a buffer (Using sideways, not circular motions) to maintain the gum’s original shine.